Pies are the fundraiser that sell themselves.  We are proud to offer our locally made product to support your community project. Over 25% profit per pie.

All fundraiser terms: 

  • Commit to selling a minimum of 50 pies and collecting the funds in advance
  • You choose 4 - 6 pie varieties per sale
  • If you decide to also sell cookies you may select 2 - 3 varieties of cookies.
  • Each sale is limited to a total of 6 varieties combined between cookies and pies.
  • Pie and cookie dough is made to order after your group completes a two to three week selling period
  • All orders must be paid for in full at the end of the sale.  We will accept a check or cash from your organization for just the amount of the product - you keep the profit.  We will not accept individual checks.
  • We provide sale sheets and marketing materials for your sale if needed.
  • All sales are collected and recorded by your fundraiser coordinator in a shared google doc
  • A non-refundable deposit may be required during high demand dates.
  • November and December 2023 delivery/voucher dates are sold-out



Traditional fundraiser: 

  • Frozen, ready to bake product is delivered to your pick up location at a scheduled time. 
  • Delivery can be made 3 weeks after the order is finalized and payment is made.
  • Products come individually wrapped and labeled with ingredients and instructions.  There are 10 per case.  Cookie dough is packaged 16 per case.
  • Volunteers meet on site to help unload and distribute the frozen, ready to bake product to your sellers.
  • Your sellers are responsible to keep the product frozen and deliver it to their buyers.


Voucher fundraiser: 

  • Each family that purchases from your organization will receive a voucher. 
  • The voucher expires in 3 months. 
  • They bring the voucher to our Mayville retail store and pick up their order before the voucher expires. 
  • If they purchase additional items while at the store, your organization earns an additional percentage of each sale.
  • Holidays are black-out dates for the vouchers.

Pie varieties:  

  • Apple, Cherry, Cherry Crumble, Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry,  RazzAppleberry, Berrylicious
  • April - August only pies:  strawberry peach, rhubarb, blue-barb, lemon icebox
  • Sept. - March only pies:  pumpkin, caramel apple crumble, smore’s

Please fill out the contact form for more information. Be sure to give us details about your organization, how many pies you estimate you will sell, and the location of your delivery site.  We look forward to working together.