Pre-baking Instructions for our Frozen Pie Shells

When Using for Custard or Pudding Pies

Keep the pie shell frozen until you are ready to bake it.

When you are ready to bake your pie crust:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  

Place frozen pie crust in the provided pie pan on a cookie sheet, stacked in the following order:

      Cookie Sheet on top

      Empty Pie Pan (Set into the pie pan with the pie crust.)

      Pie Pan with Pie Crust 

      Cookie Sheet on bottom

Place in oven.

Immediately reduce heat to 300 degrees for 16 minutes.

Remove from oven. Make sure to use oven mitts as the pie, pie pan and cookie sheets will be hot.  

While still hot, remove the top cookie sheet and the empty top pie pan that was used to press the pie crust into its pie pan.

Take a fork and prick the inside bottom of the crust, approximately 15 times.

Put pie pan with pie crust back on the cookie sheet and return to the oven for 7 minutes.

Remove from oven (using oven mitts) and let cool to room temperature before filling.

Additional Notes: You may want to lightly brush with an egg white wash over the crust immediately before filling and baking the pie. Do not use egg wash for a pudding type pie that is not baked. Remember to practice good kitchen safety with any raw eggs.  You can also refer to “blind baking pie shells” on the internet.  These instructions are provided as a guide only.  Oven times may vary based on your oven.